Fall Break Camp


Come join us for Fall Break…

Oct.14th - Oct 18th from 8am - 6pm as we EXPLORE ENERGY! With STEM and FUN as the base of our lesson planing, children will be exploring different forms of energy, how they work, and their impact on the environment.

Camp is FREE for after school members, but members MUST reserve their spot by September 27th at 6pm. As of September 30th, all remaining spots will be available for purchase by non members. Non-members may register at anytime and will be wait-listed until September 30th. This will secure your spot in line. No payments will be finalized until you have been accepted for the camp.

Pre-Order Hot lunch today for only $5 a meal!

Individual and 1/2 days are available in-person only and based on availability each morning. Please call us for more information at 831-624-3285